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Starting with 23 members in 1950, the Bhubaneswar Club today boasts of a membership strength of more than 3,000. The Club has reciprocal arrangements with over 180 elite Clubs spread all over India including many Clubs abroad. The Club has made incredible and steady journey from 1950 to attain its present status as one of the premier Clubs of the country.


The Club's origins are closely traceable to Bhubaneswar (known as temple city of India) being declared as the New Capital of Orissa State. The construction of the New Capital at Bhubaneswar began in 1946 and thus new residential colonies were constructed over a period of 4 years. It was during this period, there was felt need for a Club since Bhubaneswar was bereft of modern recreation facilities. The Club has become a brand name for promoting arts, culture and sports. The entertainment and recreational events of the Club for the past several years have attracted attention all over the country, especially the New Year Eve events having giant replicas of the Taj Mahal, The Titanic, The Pyramids, The Nina (One of the ships which Christopher Columbus used for his voyage to America) etc. as backdrops in the New Year Eve Celebrations of the Club year after year in continuum.